Franz Brentano Centenary Conference 2017

Trieste, Italy

Franz Brentano Centenary Conference 2017

University of Trieste (Italy)

Franz Brentano and the Idea of Intentionality: Scientific, Ethical and Social Implications

Our main task will be to investigate and clarify the essential scientific, ethical and social aspects of the Intentionality idea of Franz Brentano (1838-1917). To adequately understand and to comprehend the exceptional importance and the full impact of this discourse, we will analyze the principal texts of Brentano and his School.

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N.B. In order to organize the broadest debate around the theme we desire to improve the growth of our Franz Brentano web community.  For that  we are working to further develop this dedicated website that will offer both publicly accessible content and a private portal for researchers to share and comment on work in progress. This is a critical element of our program both in terms of publicity and as a mechanism for concrete collaboration.

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